The National Rifle Association is spending nearly half a million per day to convince voters in battleground states that Hillary Clinton is lying about respecting the Second Amendment, just as she lied about emailing classified information.

The $5 million, 12-day ad "Classified" is meant to capitalize on conservative voters' fears that the Democratic nominee would roll back the Second Amendment's right to bear arms by way of the Supreme Court if she is elected president.

The 30-second clip shows Clinton saying she did not email classified government information. The NRA then compares that incident to Clinton telling Americans that she supports gun rights, despite telling people at a closed door event that the Supreme Court "is wrong on the Second Amendment."

"We cannot trust Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has lied about her emails, she has lied about Benghazi, and she lies about the Second Amendment. She will say whatever it takes to get elected, but the NRA remains committed to exposing her lies. Defeating Hillary Clinton is critical to protecting the rights of America's law-abiding gun owners," NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox said in a statement.

The ad began airing Wednesday on national cable and broadcast channels and will continue through Oct. 31. The NRA is among a number of gun-related entities taking action before the election. A new report found gun store owners are packing their shelves ahead of Inauguration Day as some fear Clinton would move fast to sign gun control executive orders if elected.