The National Rifle Association, bracing for a new year of gun-control efforts by groups like outgoing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's, is rallying supporters to fight back, warning that they are now also up against major TV networks that are reinforcing the anti-gun message of politicians trying to kill the Second Amendment advocacy group.

“We’re fighting back against anti-gun elitists at CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC and CNN who are bombarding our fellow citizens with lies day after day, in a premeditated effort to bury the NRA and our freedoms,” said the group in a memo to supporters.

“Your freedoms are in grave danger. Gun-ban politicians across America are waging open war on our Second Amendment rights,” warned NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

Among the group's concerns is the anti-gun group set up by Bloomberg, especially as he is expected to turn his focus on his Mayors Against Illegal Guns and revive efforts to strip away gun rights.

The group is promising to push back against expected anti-gun legislation in Congress and several states. “We will fight back against any politicians who tries to take away our fundamental right to defend ourselves our homes and our loved ones,” he added.

His fundraising and membership boosting memo lists the 2014 NRA agenda that will play out in many House and Senate midterm elections:

— “We’re fighting gun-hating politicians in Congress whose agenda includes gun bans, federal gun-owner licensing, gun registration, a federal registry of ammunition buyers and even prison time for you if you pass down or sell any banned firearm to a family member or friend.”

— We’re fighting in the U.S. Senate to deny confirmation to any federal judicial nominee who refuses to affirm that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to own and use a firearm.”

— “We’re fighting elitist, anti-gun billionaires like Michael Bloomberg, who hide behind armed bodyguards while working day and night to outlaw your right to self defense.”

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