TAMPA, Fla. - They've been able to temper even the small efforts by the administration to target guns, but the National Rifle Association is rallying its members and political officials at the Republican National Convention around worries that President Obama will use a second term to unleash a rash of gun control laws.

"We see him as the most anti-gun president in modern times," NRA President David Keene told Secrets.

Keene said that Obama hasn't been successful on gun issues because of Republican opposition. But he cited reports that Obama has told Russia's president and an anti-gun lobby that he plans to push still secret initiatives in a second term. "We're fearful of a second administration," Keene said.

The NRA, he added, has make at its prime goal defeating Obama, but it wasn't until the selection of Rep. Paul Ryan as the GOP runningmate that the NRA sounded happy with the Republican presidential ticket. "It will be doubly enjoyable to have a vice president who describes himself as a Catholic deer hunter," he said.