Virginia Gov. and 2020 presidential hopeful Terry McAuliffe's heated call for gun control just hours after this week's targeted shooting of Republican lawmakers by an anti-Trump activist is being mocked by a top NRA personality.

"Like an anti-gun agenda crackhead, he couldn't help himself and just started blurting out every canned anti-gun talking point he had," said NRA TV's Colion Noir.

"Here's what I've come to realize: for anti-gun politicians, gun control is what you talk about when you don't want to talk about the truth," he added in a new posting.

On the morning of the Wednesday shooting in the Del Ray section of Arlington, Va., McAuliffe said the time wasn't to talk gun control. Then he launched into an error-filled attack on guns and call for restrictions.

At one point he said 93 million Americans die from gun violence a day, a number that if true would wipe out the U.S. population in less than four days.

It is clear that if he runs for the Democratic nomination, McAuliffe plans to make gun control a key part of his campaign. But Noir picked apart the governor's argument, especially his numbers.


Like I said, gun control is what you talk about when you don't want to talk about the truth. So let's talk about the truth behind these 93 million people.

The actual number is 93 people a day die from the use of a gun. But, over 60 percent of those deaths are suicides. And let's not act like he doesn't know how much of the rest of that number is criminals killing other criminals in our inner cities. And because the term "violence" is a statement of action not legality, this number also includes justified self-defense and justified police shootings—much like the officers who shot this guy in the first place.

But I'm not done, because there's even more truth that Terry McAuliffe and his anti-gun goof troops don't want to talk about.

If guns are the real issue regarding suicides, shouldn't we have the highest suicide rate in the world? We should, but we don't—not even close. You have places like Japan where you can't even own a gun and they have a higher rate of suicide than we do.

I also wonder how many of our suicides are comprised of the men and women who fought for this country only to come back and be neglected and treated like throwaways by the very country they were fighting for. But that's more truth no one wants to talk about—so instead, we get gun control.

As for inner-city violence: If guns are the reason for the violence in the inner city, shouldn't the guns in American suburbs be the reason for their violence? Problem is, they don't have the same level of violence. Could the truth be we neglect the inner cities and leave them to rot in economic disparity, only to use the dead bodies to help boost our "let's scare all the soccer moms into joining our anti-gun group with over-inflated gun violence numbers" political routine?

Democrat Terry McAuliffe crying for more gun control after every tragedy involving a gun doesn't surprise me, because most of the inner cities have been under democratic rule for decades now and their only response to inner-city violence has always been let's add some more gun control. And in case you want an example of how well that strategy works, I direct you to south side Chicago, where the violence is through the roof but they have some of the strictest gun control laws in America. This is a place where just a few years ago you couldn't even own a gun in your own home.

The truth is, the fact that a group like Everytown would even think to include self-defense shootings and justified police shootings in this statistic and to have Terry McAuliffe use it to push an agenda on a day where we should be talking about the troubling political dynamic of this country, this should tell you everything you need to know about their integrity.

Paul Bedard, the Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted at