Staffers from the National Republican Senate Committee reportedly hacked into the National Republican Congressional Committee’s database and seized information on valuable donors in October leaving congressional GOP aides furious.

“Everyone steals lists, but the fact that they did this behind the back of the NRCC shows they knew they were doing something wrong,” one Republican fundraiser told Politico Wednesday.

“The people at the NRCC, who found out about this, are really pissed. They’re supposed to be on the same team,” that same fundraiser added.

Three different sources confirmed with Politico that the breach, which the NRCC became aware of in October, took place over several months. Information from over 200,000 donors was taken.

The information seized included email addresses, phone numbers, past donation history, and personal information fundraisers could use to entice donors to contribute to campaigns. This information has been valuable in helping the NRCC win past elections and was key to helping them defend their majority.

“The individuals on these lists are guaranteed money,” one staffer explained. “They will give. These are not your regular D.C. PAC list.”

Chris Hansen, the executive director of the NRSC, called the story “utter nonsense."

"The NRSC and the NRCC have a close working relationship and at the end of the day, our shared goal is growing our majorities for years to come," he said in a statement.

Similarly, NRCC head John Rogers said, “Chris Hansen is one of the most trustworthy people I have met in politics. If he says something I am going to believe him.”

Rogers added, “We meet regularly and share as much information as the law allows. We are both committed to helping each other grow our respective majorities.”

Both committees have not publicly identified who these staff members were or if they’ve faced disciplinary action.