Rep. Peter King says National Security Agency reforms will make it tougher for future potential leakers like Edward Snowden to grab classified information.

"A lot of that has been changed," the New York Republican told CBS's "Face the Nation" on Sunday. "There is monitoring now of what goes on. Snowden would not be able to do it again in the future.

"Now, of course, you know, it's too late for that. But at least there are some precautions being taken."

King, who sits on both the House Homeland Security and Intelligence committees, didn't to into details about the NSA reforms.

He said he believes Snowden targeted specific information to steal rather than grab as much as he could to sort out later.

"He was doing a pretty thorough search to see what he was looking for," he said. "This seems very systematic, very coordinated."

The lawmaker likened the Snowden case to Robert Hanssen, an FBI agent who also spied for the Soviet Union and Russia until he was caught in 2001.

In both cases "the FBI, the NSA are so concerned about outside forces penetrating their system that they just did not take the proper precautions internally," he said.

When asked about speculation that Snowden may have had help from Russia in his stealing U.S. information, King said; "I don't think there's anything to disprove that."

"That is still, you know, the subject of investigation, and certainly something that cannot in any way be ruled out," he said.