No law seems to be able to touch to one Delaware man who has been arrested for driving under the influence 12 times since 1991.

The problem is not unique to James R. Fisher, however.

Fisher, 55, was arrested a 12th time in March soon after his release from prison, where he was serving a sentence for a 2009 DUI conviction, according to a story by the Wilmington News-Journal.

In 2012, Delaware's Department of Safety and Homeland Security reported 37 percent of the 5,400 people arrested for DUI were repeat offenders.

"Stricter DUI laws and steeper fines enacted over the past three decades have not stopped people who continue to drive under the influence, even after being previously convicted of drinking and driving, lawmakers have learned," according to the article.

An important reason to crackdown on the number of repeat offenders? The role they play in fatal crashes.

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