The New York Times reported Tuesday that Donald Trump tossed a Spanish-language news anchor out of a press conference for challenging the candidate on immigration, but Trump actually tossed him out for interrupting other reporters.

The report, by Michael Barbaro and Jessica Dimson, centered on Trump's unique performances during campaign press conferences and said those events portray "a candidate with nothing to hide, fielding tough questions from journalists."

"But it is not the entire truth," the report said. "Mr. Trump and his team have mocked and ejected reporters who violated their unwritten rules. Jorge Ramos of Univision was tossed out of a news conference in August after aggressively challenging Mr. Trump's views on immigration."

That description of the incident, however, is also not the entire truth.

The press conference was underway in August and Trump was rapidly calling on reporters to ask questions. Ramos began shouting over other reporters, and demanded that Trump answer questions about his positions on illegal immigration.

"Excuse me, sit down. You weren't called on," Trump said to Ramos.

"I have a right to ask a question," replied Ramos.

"No you don't. You haven't been called. Go back to Univision," said Trump.

A member of security officers approached Ramos, who continued to call out questions and interrupt other reporters. Ramos was then removed, but he returned later and Trump engaged in nearly two minutes of back-and-forth with the anchor.

In a subsequent interview on CNN, anchor Chris Cuomo told Ramos that he "jumped the cue."