The New York Times Magazine runs an over 8,000 word profile of disgraced former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Weiner speaks frankly about his scandal, revealing the effect it had on his marriage, sharing some of the advice he got from his therapist and cries during one of the interviews.

Weiner also reveals that Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart called to comfort him during the scandal – a conversation that Stewart himself acknowledged in the story.

Weiner fielded a lot of calls from friends and colleagues, many of them offering advice. One prominent state politician called to confess that he was a sex addict and urged Weiner to join his support group. Another call was from [Jon] Stewart. “We create a two-dimensional effigy of an individual and just kind of burn it in the town square and then walk away,” Stewart says. “As someone who is part of the process that does that to people, when I talked to him, it was more from that perspective than anything else, to say: ‘As low as you are, please understand that what’s happening to you right now isn’t really happening to you, it’s happening to whatever caricature we’ve all created of you. You have your own responsibility in this, but it’s not to us. I know it’s hard to separate yourself from that, but I hope you can at some level.’ ”

During the scandal, Stewart acknowledged his friendship with Weiner on his show, resisting the ruthless takedown of the former U.S. Congressman that fans of his show were familiar with. As more details of the scandal were revealed, Stewart even offered an apology to his viewers – addressing critics who thought he was being too sympathetic to the disgraced politician.