The New York Times profile of Rep. Paul Ryan this morning introduces readers to one of his hobbies: Noodling catfish.

"For fun, Mr. Ryan noodles catfish, catching them barehanded with a fist down their throats," the profile reads in the opening paragraph, in a tone that suggests that the hobby is somehow barbaric or bizarre to the average reader.

Later in the story, author Jonathan Weisman describes the practice in Ryan's words.

With marriage came a rural ranch where Mr. Ryan and his in-laws wade into Lake Texoma, reach into holes and wrestle catfish — a sport that appears to be attaining mythic dimensions in Ryan World.

“They come up on your hand, and you just squeeze wherever you are in that fish and pull it out,” he said with a shrug, bragging about the 40-pounder he landed two seasons ago. “I know it sounds a little crazy, but it’s really exhilarating.”

Should Paul Ryan run for higher office, don't be surprised if his catfish noodling rises to the level of Mitt Romney's dog, in an upcoming political ad.

Under, Governor Rick Perry, the state of Texas legalized Catfish noodling last year. The Texas Tribune released this extraordinary look at the practice in the video below.