In an article detailing officer Darren Wilson’s little-known marriage in late October to fellow Ferguson, Mo., police officer Barbara Spradling, the New York Times decided to publish the name of the street where the couple owns a home.

The New York Times stands by this decision.

"The story mentions only the name of the street where the couple have a house and that street has been widely reported on," Eileen Murphy, head of communications at the New York Times, said Tuesday in an email to the Washington Examiner.

From the original report [redacted]:

Officer Wilson and Officer Spradling own a home together on _________, a St. Louis suburb about a half-hour drive from Ferguson.

They have scarcely been seen there since Mr. Brown was killed on Aug. 9. Neighbors said that within a few days of the shooting, Officer Wilson and Officer Spradling abruptly left their home.

The article, published Monday, was titled "A Quiet Wedding for Darren Wilson."

The street in question, the name of which will not be reprinted here by the Washington Examiner, is relatively small and holds roughly 40 homes, presumably making it easier for those searching for his home to narrow down which one belongs to Wilson.

The New York Times in its original report published an unedited image of Wilson’s marriage license. That image has since been removed and the following message has been added to the report: "An earlier version of this post included a photograph that contained information that should not have been made public. The image has been removed."

Murphy told the Washington Examiner: “We originally posted a copy of the marriage license. When it was pointed out that the license contained a street address, we thought the right thing to do was to remove it, so we did.”

However, the address noted on the marriage license is for a law firm based out of Clayton, Mo., where the license appears to have been issued.

The reference to the street where Wilson and Spradling reportedly own a home remains in the article.


This article has been updated to include comment from the New York Times.