During a 2008 town hall event in Duryea, Pennsylvania, President Obama emphatically denied rumors that he was against the Second Amendment and vowed not to take away guns from legal gun owners.

“I believe in the Second Amendment and if you are a law abiding gun owner you have nothing to fear from an Obama administration,” he said.

Obama added that he also believed in “common sense” safety measures such as background checks for gun buyers, but didn’t mention the assault weapons ban or limiting ammunition magazines.

“The bottom line is this. If you’ve got a rifle, if you’ve got a shotgun, if you’ve got a gun in your house, I’m not taking it away,” Obama said emphatically.

Obama criticized the NRA for “peddling” rumors that he would restrict the rights of gun owners.

“By the way, even if I wanted to take it away, I couldn’t get it done!” he exclaimed. “I don’t have the votes in Congress.”

Throughout the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama patiently cultivated a pro-gun personal on the campaign trail – especially in rural areas.

“Your guns – we’re not going to mess with them. All right?” Obama added during the Pennsylvania event. “I hope I made that clear. Is everyone clear back there in the back? Because I see a couple of sportsmen back there – all right? Spread the word with your friends, I’m not going to take away their guns.”