President Obama may not be getting the sweeping global warming legislation (cap-and-trade failed), but he is finding ways to target his pet issue through backdoor techniques such as Environmental Protection Agency regulations and by stacking his administration with environmental activists. The National Journal reports:

“It's not surprising to see a president name a top nominee—for Cabinet secretary, say—who has led the way on an issue the White House cares about. In his first term, for example, Obama named as his Energy secretary Steven Chu, a Nobel physicist who had devoted his career to fighting climate change. With the executive branch the only avenue for the president to make an impact on climate policy, the Obama administration is filling out the second and third tiers of agencies—influential workhorse positions such as chiefs of staff, assistant secretaries, and heads of regulatory commissions—with appointees just as devoted to the cause, with the expectation that they'll muscle through a climate and clean-energy agenda wherever they can.” (emphasis added.)

So not only is the administration fighting a “war on coal” behind the scenes through EPA regulations, it is also deliberately hiring environmental activists who will push through Obama’s global warming regulatory agenda.

This stacking might be acceptable if the administration thought it had a mandate from the American people. But nearly every step of the way it has found opposition – even from members of the Democratic party and staunch supporters like unions.