President Obama is on his last campaign -- again.

"[E]ven though I promised Michelle that 2012 was going to be my last campaign, actually this one is my last campaign," Obama said at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser Wednesday night in Chicago.

But this time the message had a tone of pessimism. "We need to hang on to the Senate. We need to pick up seats in the House," he said. "And it's hard during midterms, because Democrats have a tendency to get really excited during presidential years and then during the midterms we go into hibernation."

One top House Democrat recently suggested that Obama spend less time fundraising and more time deploying his campaign team in pursuit of a House majority.

"There's a lot of fundraising going on," said Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C. "I do not believe that fundraising will be key in November, I think the organization will be key. And if we can get the White House to come in, or at least the president's political operations, to help us at the state and local levels the way they did in Ohio and Florida -- the mechanisms they put in place were just great."

Maybe Obama isn't doing as much to help the House Democrats because he thinks that they can only "pick up seats" in the lower chamber, at best, rather than retake the majority.