President Obama's approval rating has sunk by a double-digit margin among Hispanics, a recent Gallup poll has found. The president's approval has gone from 75 percent in December 2012 to just 52 percent last month.

The number is likely a reflection of the lack of progress on comprehensive immigration reform. Although legislation passed in the Senate, it has stalled in the House. Little time is left in this year's legislative session for a deal. Obama has pushed for reform but has been unable to reach any compromise with Republican lawmakers.

Obama has tried to re-engage with the pro-reform activists, but many are upset with his policies. At a recent event in San Francisco, he was heckled by an audience member who shouted: "Please use your executive order to halt deportations for all 11.5 million undocumented immigrants in this country right now." Obama replied that he couldn't legally do that.

In a column late last month, I argued that pro-reform activists were succumbing to despair.