President Obama, in California on Thursday to talk about “economic patriotism," walked a very fine tightrope in talking up the administration's accomplishments.

“We're more energy independent: The world's no. 1 oil and gas producer is not Russia, it's not Saudi Arabia, it's the United States of America,” he said to widespread applause from the friendly audience.

Then he followed with this: “We’ve reduced our carbon pollution over the past eight years more than any country on earth.”

In the span of back-to-back sentences, the president took credit both for an oil boom and for a crackdown on carbon emissions.

The administration would argue that the centerpiece of its climate agenda, proposed Environmental Protection Agency regulations on power plants, primarily targets coal. However, oil is still a huge factor in the carbon footprint that Obama was touting.

The president told Californians that the state was off to its hottest start on record, saying the summer of 2014 proves “why we have to worry about climate change.”

Obama then went on to promote a new push to crack down on U.S. companies that relocate overseas to reduce their taxes.

"I don’t care if it’s legal, it’s wrong," Obama said of the practice.

"I'm not interested in punishing these companies, but I am interested in economic patriotism,” he added.