President Obama on Thursday announced a plan to stop the wave of insurance policy cancellations sweeping across the country as a result of his health care law. As I detailed previously, the plan won't really solve the problem. It's an attempt by Obama to pass the buck to state insurance commissioners and insurers.

In addition to the reasons I offered in an earlier post for why Obama can't expect insurers to make last minute policy changes when they were reacting to rules that have been in place for three and a half years, there is another reason why it will be difficult for Obama to blame insurance companies for any plan cancellations.

One of the primary purposes of his health care law was to end abusive practices of insurance companies by imposing a new set of "consumer protections." It's why, over the summer of 2009, Obama shifted to calling his project "health insurance reform" rather than just "health care reform."

Obamacare was supposed to keep insurance companies honest.

Obama promised not only that under his program, Americans would be able to keep their health care plans. He also said, "No one will take it away. No matter what."

For Obama to now turn around and helplessly blame insurers for canceling plans, he would be admitting to yet another failure in the law.