At a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, President Obama admitted that his party performs poorly in midterm elections.

"[I]n midterms we get clobbered — either because we don’t think it’s important or we’ve become so discouraged about what’s happening in Washington that we think it’s not worth our while," he said Thursday evening.

Obama pointed out that more young people, women, blacks, and Hispanics voted in presidential elections, which was "a more representative cross-section of America."

"Like I said, I’m not on the ballot this time, but I didn’t get into politics just for the office. I got into it because I believe in what we’re fighting for," he said. "But I can’t do it alone."

The fundraiser at the home of former NBA star Alonzo Mourning — the first of six Obama has committed to doing for the DCCC — raised at least $16,200 from each of 75 people who attended, according to a DCCC aide.