Rep. Justin Amash told CBS host Bob Schieffer Sunday that President Obama “embellished” some of the information regarding Syria, and that Obama’s public statements are stronger than the information given to Congress during classified briefings.

“I think that there are some things that are being embellished in the public statements, and I would ask the administration to be more forward with the public about this because we all need to have the information,” the Michigan Republican said.

Amash added that the briefings that have been held on Capitol Hill in the past week “haven’t given me comfort” and have “actually made me more skeptical about the situation.”

Amash tweeted that if Americans could read the classified documents provided to Congress, they'd oppose military action in Syria even more, and called the Obama administration’s public statements “misleading at best.”

Amash has been quite vocal about his opposition to involvement in Syria, and on Sept. 5 said that members of Congress who were planning to vote for the measure should “start cleaning out [their] office.”

Still, Amash said “nobody rebuts the evidence we have been presented at the briefings, but I would also say that the evidence is not as strong as the public statements that the president and his administration have been making.”

Members of Congress are expected to begin debating Syria involvement next week.