President Obama at a campaign rally in North Virginia Friday hit back at Mitt Romney for claiming Obama is waving "the white flag of surrender" on his promise to transform Washington.

Obama, appearing in Woodbridge, reiterated his claim that Washington cannot be changed from the inside and criticized Romney for suggesting he could "get the job done from the inside."

"What kind of inside job is he talking about?" Obama asked a crowd in Woodbridge, mocking his Republican challenger. "The job of rubber stamping the top-down, you're-on-your-own agenda of this Republican Congress?"

Speaking in Prince William County, a crucial swing area in a battleground state, Obama continued to hammer Romney as out of touch with the concerns of most Americans, citing Romney's claim that 47 percent of the country is dependent on government and considers themselves victims.

"America can't get very far with leaders that write off half the country as victims," Obama said. "I don't see any victims here."

Recent polls show Obama extending his lead in Virginia, a state the president won in 2008 and one that Romney needs to defeat Obama this year.