Giving a climate speech on Tuesday at Georgetown University, President Obama said, "We'll need to be less concerned with the judgment of special interests and well-connected donors,and more concerned with the judgment of posterity."

Funny, since even though the general public was barred from the speech, a number of special interest representatives were in the audience. Obama invited his friend Michael Bradley, the executive director of the Clean Energy Group and registered lobbyist. Also in attendance were Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune, president of the League of Conservation Voters Gene Karpinski (who registered as a lobbyist as recently as 2008 and is a long time Democratic donor) and executive director of the American Geophysical Union Christine McEntee.

Obama also called out special interests earlier in the speech, saying, "Now, what you'll hear from the special interests and their allies in Congress is that this will kill jobs, and crush the economy and basically end American free enterprise as we know it."

Obama sure chose an interesting audience to denounce special interests.