President Obama will travel to blue-state Maryland on Thursday to build last-minute momentum behind his health care overhaul, the White House announced.

The healthcare appeal comes just days before officials begin enrolling consumers in Obamacare’s insurance exchanges, a crucial period that could determine the future of the president’s signature legislative achievement.

Both supporters and critics of Obamacare are waging high-profile campaigns to sway public opinion, and many Democrats fear the rollout could stumble if more Americans don’t rally behind the law. Polls show a majority of Americans are confused about the law’s measures.

White House officials said that Obama would frame his arguments in “very personal” terms, hoping to persuade Americans that Republican opponents are distorting the true impact of the law.

Obama will make his remarks Thursday at Prince George’s Community College in Largo, Md. — just miles from the nation’s capital.

In Maryland, Obama has a partner that has embraced his healthcare overhaul more than other states.

Gov. Martin O'Malley, D-Md., is one of the administration's most vocal defenders of Obamacare. A possible 2016 presidential candidate, O'Malley is heavily invested politically in the fate of the most comprehensive healthcare overhaul since Medicare in 1965.

O’Malley has routinely hit back at GOP suggestions that Obamacare will cause health premiums to skyrocket.

"#Obamacosts our state less," O'Malley said on Twitter earlier this month. "A 2012 academic analysis projected that #Obamacare will save Maryland taxpayers $670 million by 2020."

The Maryland event is the latest in what the administration promises will be an "aggressive six month public awareness effort."

On Tuesday, Obama will speak with former President Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York about healthcare reform.

Obama is also slated to host a conference call with mayors and state and local officials later this week about boosting enrollment in the insurance exchanges.

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