President Obama hosted insurance industry executives at the White House on Friday, trying to win the support of skeptical business leaders for his fix to aid the millions of Americans losing health coverage.

“What we're going to be doing is brainstorming on how do we make sure that everybody understands what their options are,” Obama said at the start of the meeting.

“So I appreciate all these folks coming in. We're going to be soliciting ideas from them. There’s going to be a collaborative process. We want to make sure that we get this done,” he added.

On Thursday, the president pushed a fix that would let insurance companies reinstate through 2014 plans canceled for millions of Americans under Obamacare. The providers, however, are not required to honor the administration's request.

Many insurance companies criticized the administration's fix, saying it would be difficult to implement, could cause premiums to rise and undo their work to implement the most sweeping overhaul to the health care system since Medicare.

The White House has been on the defensive for Obama’s false promise that all Americans could keep their insurance coverage under the new health law. His approval ratings have hit all-time lows in a series of recent polls.

The meeting with insurance leaders came after the House passed a Republican-backed plan that would allow Americans to keep their canceled insurance plans, even if they don’t meet Obamacare standards.

The White House has threatened to veto the legislation if passed by Congress, saying it would allow insurers to sell substandard plans to new customers.

Red-state Democrats also continue to press for a legislative change that would address the insurance cancellations, saying the administration’s plan didn’t go far enough to help Americans negatively impacted by the change.