During a town hall at the African University of Johannesburg-Soweto, President Obama explained to a group of young Kenyans that he still had time to fulfill his promise to visit the country.

Obama was reminded by the moderator at the forum, of his June 2010 promise to visit Kenya, asking the president why he decided not to visit the country during his presidential African trip this year.

“First of all, let me just say that I’m going to be President for another three and a half years,” Obama said. “One of the things that you learn as President is not only do people want you to fulfill your promises, but they want you to fulfill your promises yesterday.”

Obama explained that part of the reason he avoided Kenya during his visit was because the country just had an election and the new administration was having some difficulties – alluding to the International Criminal Court trial.

“With a new administration that’s also having to manage some of the international issues around the ICC, I did not think it was the optimal time for me to visit,” he said.

President Obama reminded them again that he still had time to visit the country.

“I’ve got three and a half years,” Obama continued. “So if in three years and seven months I’m not in Kenya, then you can fault me for not following through on my promise.”