President Obama urged women at Valencia Community College in Orlando, Fla., to tell Congress to pass the Equal Paycheck Act, furthering the myth that women make 77 cents to the dollar that men make and claiming that “if men were having babies, we'd have different policies.”

We probably would. There’d probably be a “war on men” pushing false statistics that men are paid less for women, without taking into account life choices.

“Women are still earning just 77 cents on every dollar that a man does,” Obama said. “Women with college degrees may earn hundreds of thousands of dollars less over the course of her career than a man at the same educational level, and that’s wrong.”

Women are not earning just 77 cents to the dollar that men earn; that gap virtually disappears when degree and occupation are factored in. But Obama won’t make that distinction.

And notice how he said women would earn less “over the course of their career than a man at the same educational level”? Think about that for a moment. What he said is that it’s not fair for a woman with a bachelor’s degree to not earn the same as a man with a bachelor’s degree.

But that is completely fair. A woman with a bachelor’s in sociology doesn’t make as much as a man with a bachelor’s in economics because the jobs aren’t equal. If we paid people based on education level than having a doctorate in physical education (a gym teacher) would deserve as much money as a biochemist. The two are not equal.

As soon as Obama stops telling women they are victims, real problems can be fixed.

h/t Mediaite