While House Speaker John Boehner didn't have much to say this afternoon when he left an hour-long meeting with President Obama, an aide told reporters the two had plenty to talk about, including immigration reform and the new health care law.

Obama and Boehner, R-Ohio, “discussed a wide range of issues, including manufacturing, trade promotion authority, flood insurance, immigration, the President's health care law, Afghanistan, the appropriations process, California drought relief, wildfire suppression, and the highway bill.”

The aide called the talks “constructive,” and said the two agreed to work together “wherever we can find common ground.”

Boehner and Obama haven't met in more than a year. Obama has embarked on a “pen and phone” strategy of using executive actions to push his agenda past the House GOP. Republicans, meanwhile, have halted efforts to move an immigration reform measure, blaming a lack of trust in Obama.

Boehner left the White House today with little to say other than, “We had a nice meeting.”