President Obama lifted the theme of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's new book “Breakout” during a video interview with the Wall Street Journal.

In the session, he said that the nation is “poised for a breakout” because the U.S. economy has improved at a faster pace than other nations. It was one of the most tweeted lines from the interview.

Regnery Publishing released Gingrich's uniquely titled book “Breakout” two weeks ago. It is unknown if the president has read it.

In the book, Gingrich reviews dozens of industries and economic sectors that are poised for a breakout.

“Over the past year, I’ve realized we are witnessing dozens advances in science, technology and engineering with the potential to solve some of our country’s biggest problems. These amazing breakthroughs in learning, health, energy, transportation and even government could transform our lives. They could power a breakout for America in the near future — delivering us to a dramatically better, richer, healthier and more convenient world,” he said in an email.

But there is one hurdle to a breakout that Gingrich fears and Obama didn’t mention. That would be the president’s regulations and America’s love for lawsuits.

“In every field where positive breakthroughs are happening, there are powerful interests, bureaucrats, lobbyists and litigators who are trying to use government to stop the future. Their privileges, comforts or ideologies depend on keeping us frozen in the past,” warned Gingrich.

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