Remember this ad from the 2012 campaign? The one in which Mitt Romney's former venture capital firm, Bain Capital, was called a "vampire"?

Remember when Obama painted Romney as one of those evil rich Wall Street folks out of touch with America?

Yeah, those were the days.

Now we know that there also are good rich Wall Street folks. Why? Because Obama needs money from them to help Democrats avoid disaster in November.

The president traveled to New York on Tuesday to raise more than $1.5 million at the homes of two venture capitalists: Alan Patricof, managing director of Greycroft Partners and founder of the London-based buyout firm Apax Partners LLC, and Hamilton "Tony" James, president of the Blackstone Group.

As usual, tickets to each fundraiser cost $32,400, which -- not coincidentally -- is the maximum each individual donor can give to a national party committee per calendar year.

At the James home, Obama called Tony James and his wife, Amie, "great friends."

Apparently, some vampires are better than others. Especially when you need campaign cash.