President Obama will make an appearance at the Capitol next week for the first substantive meeting with Republican lawmakers in three years.

Obama called Senate Republicans in recent days to work out a plan for reducing the deficit that will end the series of fiscal cliffs and government shutdown threats that have plagued the government and frustrated the public.

He's also invited a group of Republicans senators Wednesday night at the White House.

Obama will be making one of his rare visits to the Capitol on March 14 for a lunch meeting.

According to Republicans, Obama requested the meeting.

"Senate Republicans welcome the president to the Capitol," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said. "And I appreciate he took my recommendation to hear from all of my members."

"We promised the American people that we would cut Washington spending, and the president signed those cuts into law," McConnell said. "We have numerous challenges facing the country and Republicans have offered the president serious solutions to shrink Washington spending and grow the economy. And we will have an opportunity to discuss them with the president at the lunch."