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The Obama administration was caught exaggerating ObamaCare numbers just yesterday, as multiple outlets declared estimates of enrollees wildly overstated. There’s ongoing outrage over the fact that the administration put a Democratic partisan in charge of the investigation of partisan targeting at the Obama IRS. And that’s just this week’s news on Obama accountability. So given all that, and the scandals that came before, how likely are you to believe President Obama today when he says that internal measures will remedy problems with the domestic surveillance program that has blossomed on his watch? The president, dragging low job approval and weak measures on public trust in him and his administration, will announce that Attorney General Eric Holder and his team will get a handle on the spy game. That’s going to be a tough sell.

[According to documents provided by leaker Edward Snowden, The Guardian reports that “[the NSA] has collected almost 200 million text messages a day from across the globe…]

The deets - In advance of the president’s speech on NSA, the administration is pushing out early details to reporters. A senior administration official tells Fox News that Obama will say that he is ordering a transition that will end the “telephone metadata program” as it currently exists, and move to a program that preserves the capabilities without the government holding the data. The official said Obama believes the program is important but can be preserved while addressing privacy and civil liberties concerns. From the talking points:

-- Effective immediately, the administration will modify the program so that a judicial finding is required before querying the database.
-- Obama has asked the attorney general and the intelligence community to report back to him before the program comes up for reauthorization on March 28
-- Obama will consult with the relevant committees in Congress to seek their views

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