Easter Sunday is not a day of rest for the Democrats' moneychangers. At least three top party officials dispatched fundraising emails Sunday in their bid to reach loyal Democrats in between church and Easter dinner.

It's just the latest sign that politics and fundraising have become as regular as shopping at Sears or Walmart, which also open on Easter.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Sunday morning sent out an updated fundraising note from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi that didn't even mention Easter.

"We could really do this! If we can hit 200,000 donations before tonight's FEC deadline, it would send a blistering message to Speaker Boehner and the Republicans. Donate $3 before MIDNIGHT and your gift will be triple-matched," said the email.

Jon Carson, of Obama's Organizing for Action, wrote: "Look, here's the deal: We're not taking any money from corporations. We're not taking any money from Washington lobbyists. We're going up against some of the most powerful interest groups around -- and we're powered by the grassroots support of people like you. And, if you step up, we're going to win. Donate $5 or more before tonight's midnight deadline to be a founding member of OFA. Thanks -- and from my family to yours, happy Easter."

And Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe urged donors to help him build momentum as he took his family to Easter brunch."

"My family and I are about to head off to Easter brunch, but I wanted to make sure you were aware that: Today's the last day before we have to submit our first financial report of the year -- our biggest test so far. This is our best opportunity to demonstrate the strength of our grassroots movement to the press and political pundits in Richmond. And if we succeed, there will be no doubt that we have the resources -- both people-powered and financially -- to win this election. But we're still $14,817 away from our online fundraising goal and the deadline is at midnight. Can you make a $5 donation right now?"

Also in Virginia, the executive director, Lauren Harmon, sent out this money plea:

I'm sorry to interrupt your Easter Sunday, but this will only take a minute.

I just stepped away from hunting Easter eggs to hunt for the last little bit of support we need to reach our online fundraising goal. And as of about ten minutes ago, we only have $9,313 left to go before tonight's midnight deadline.

Can you make a $5 donation right now and make sure we don't fall short?

Here's why this is so important: today is the last day we can raise money before we have to submit our financial report from the first three months of the year. And you can be sure that the press will use that report to determine our chances in this year's elections.

2013 marks the best chance we've had in years to take back the Governor's Mansion, the LG & AG positions, and the Statehouse. But if we don't start out the year strong, we could lose that opportunity.

And with a slate of Republican candidates straight out of the Tea Party's most ambitious dreams, that would be disastrous.

If you pitch in $5 or more right now, we'll be well on our way to having a Democratic government in Richmond that we can all be proud of.

Thanks for your support and have a wonderful Easter,

Lauren Harmon

Executive Director

Democratic Party of Virginia