Just an hour and a half before the kick-off to the 2014 Super Bowl, President Obama was still keeping his power dry and would not say which team he wanted to win.

He did, however, offer a prediction on the final spread, which he said would be 24-21, regardless who wins.

“These guys are too evenly matched,” he said when Fox News' Bill O'Reilly asked tried to prod him into picking sides. “...It's going to be 24-21.”

Obama generally appeared happy to be talking about sports and stats, after a roughly 10-minute grilling from O'Reilly that focused on the botched health care rollout, the circumstances surrounding Benghazi, and the IRS targeting of conservative groups.

The last question O'Reilly asked Obama before turning to the lighter topic of the game ahead was why he thinks it's necessary to “fundamentally transform the nation” that has led to his rise to the presidency.

Reacting to that question, Obama said he didn't believe it's necessary to “fundamentally” change the country. But O'Reilly interjected, saying he was quoting from a previous remark.

Obama then explained that when he and O'Reilly were growing up there were "jobs out there that paid good wages, there were public schools that functioned well; if you worked hard you not only [received] decent benefits, you had decent health care.”

The president said his goal in his the final years of his presidency is to help expand opportunity for all Americans, a major 2014 theme he tried to amplify in his Tuesday State of the Union speech.