October 2009: Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood does a photo-op for electric-bus maker Proterra.

January 2011: LaHood visits Proterra's factory, touts a DOT grant to the company and gushes, "When the President said that America's small businesses need to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build their competition, he must have had Proterra in mind."

January 2013: LaHood resigns from DOT.

February 2014: Well, you have probably have guessed where this is going:

Proterra Inc., the leading provider of the most cost effective zero emission battery electric bus, is pleased to announce that former Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood will join the company’s Board of Directors effective immediately.

LaHood’s government experience and leadership in transportation policy innovation make him an excellent fit for Proterra.

h/t Free Beacon