President Obama on Friday patted himself on the back for signing an executive order raising the minimum wage for workers on new federal contracts to $10.10 an hour. This is the latest in the steadily lengthening list of questionably legal actions he's taken to bypass Congress.

In a speech to an annual retreat of House Democrats, Obama said signing the order while surrounded with workers whom he said would benefit from it "reminded me of why I'm a Democrat."

The assembled Democratic members of Congress — whose authority is likely being usurped by actions such as this — interrupted him with applause.

This is just the latest illustration of why I said Thursday that Obama's cult of personality has turned the Democratic Party into a group of Soviet-style apparatchiks, who react with adoring compliance as the president's abuse of executive power, in the words of Left-leaning law professor Jonathan Turley, encourages a dangerous instability in the political system.

The latest Fox News survey found that 60 percent of voters disapprove of Obama going around Congress and using executive orders. But who will stop him? He's doing this stuff in your name, folks. Isn't it time to answer that question?