Former President Barack Obama is scheduled to speak at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston next month.

“.@BarackObama, the 44th President of the United States, will speak at @SloanSportsConf February 23,” Daryl Morey, the Houston Rockets' general manager, tweeted Friday evening. “We are pleased to welcome President Barack Obama, a well-known sports fan.”

The conference will also feature speakers including polling guru Nate Silver, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, former NBA star Steve Nash, and former New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez. The conference is designed to bring together prominent figures in sports analytics, media, and business.

It is not certain what Obama will address, although it’s no secret he is a sports aficionado. While Obama was still in the White House, he filled out NCAA brackets and hosted several sports teams.

Since leaving office last year, Obama has started the Obama Foundation with the stated mission to “inspire and empower people to change their world.”

He has also returned to the campaign trail, appearing with successful Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam.