A majority of U.S. voters say they disapprove of the way President Obama is handling the growing conflict between Israel and Hamas, according to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll.

The survey, which was conducted from July 23-27 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points, shows that 52 percent of 1,026 polled U.S. adults aged 18 and older disapprove of the White House's response to the Gaza conflict, while only 39 percent of respondents say they approve.

And that's not all: The survey also found that 50 percent of voters disapprove of Obama's overall handling of international affairs, which includes the increasingly volatile situation in Ukraine and Russia's recent provocations against the West, while only 46 percent approve.

The president's poor showing on the Israel-Palestine conflict includes strong disapproval from younger survey respondents, his approval rating coming in at a mere 33 percent.

True, the president still enjoys a healthy approval rating from younger voters and self-identified Democrats when it comes to his overall handling of international affairs, clocking in at around 77 and 47 percent, respectively. But even with these decent marks, the Israel issue appears to be killing the president at the polls.

“The administration continues to struggle in the Middle East, where U.S. efforts to broker a cease-fire thus far have failed,” ABC News reported. “[T]he number who strongly approve of Obama’s work on foreign affairs has hit an all-time low, 16 percent. Thirty-six percent strongly disapprove; that gap is the largest of his presidency.”

Unsurprisingly, only 18 percent of self-identified Republican respondents say they approve of Obama's handling of the ongoing conflict in Gaza. An even lower number, 13 percent, approve of his overall handling of international affairs.

“[T]he balance is tilted by independents: Just 37 percent approve of Obama’s work on international affairs overall, 41 percent on the Ukraine incident and 31 percent on the Israel-Gaza conflict,” ABC reported.

And here's a really interesting survey takeaway: “Obama’s rating for handling the situation involving Israel and the Palestinians is worse than four such measures for his predecessor, George W. Bush, ranging from a high of 59 percent approval in 2002 to a low of 46 percent in 2003, amid growing doubts about the war in Iraq.”

The president's abysmal foreign affairs ratings come at a time when approval for the Affordable Care Act, his signature health care law, his handling of jobs and the economy and his administration's underwhelming response to the burgeoning crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border have been less than flattering.

In short, the president seems to be struggling on just about every major issue facing his administration.

Read the survey here:

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