I was a ballerina for years when I was younger, and even I didn’t pivot (pirouette, whatever) this much.

President Obama, in what may be his 22nd or 23rd pivot (he's pivoted to economy several times since that article was written), joined Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday to announce a new $600 million initiative for more jobs training programs.

Senior officials say the latest pivot comes from an urgency to update jobs training programs because of rapid changes in the economy, education and technology.

Rapid changes that apparently weren't important until days after Kathleen Sebelius resigned, new Internal Revenue Service emails were released and the whole Bundy Ranch fiasco began. Oh, and let's not forget about the situation in the Ukraine that continues to dominate the news coverage (except on CNN - which is still looking for Flight 370. Godspeed, guys).

Republicans were quick to point out that this latest pivot is actually Obama stepping on his feet. Because not only was a review of job-training programs already completed in 2011 (Obama asked for a new one during his 2014 State of the Union address), but the programs the president announced Wednesday overlap existing state initiatives.

Perhaps it’s time for Obama to learn some new dance moves.