Recipients of Obama stimulus funds — including public agencies in New Jersey and California — continue to spend their awarded money without reporting to the federal government what they do with it, according to a federal oversight board.

The recipients are supposed to submit reports quarterly to the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 — President Obama's economic recovery program — cost taxpayers $840 billion.

In the most recent reporting cycle, which ended in July, California led the way with 34 recipients not having submitted their reports. New York was second with 24, followed by Texas (16), Colorado (15), Oregon (13), and New Jersey and Virginia tied with 12.

Puerto Rico had 11 non-compliers. New Hampshire was the only state with none.

Nearly 300 recipients did not submit a report for the most recent reporting cycle. Three dozen recipients did not submit in two reporting cycles, and 22 recipients have not submitted in three or more cycles dating back to the first cycle in October 2009.

Infamous green-energy producer Solyndra, which according to the report received $535 million, has not reported in three or more cycles.

Some notable recipients who didn't turn in their reports:

— $370 million to Abound Solar Manufacturing in Colorado, given in December 2010

— $133 million to Whiting-Turner Walsh in Maryland, given in September 2010

— $185 million to Solopower Inc. in California, given in August 2011

— $159 million to the California Department of Public Health, given in May 2009

— $100 million to the EFSP National Board in Virginia, given in April 2009

— $96 million to Inuit-NC JV in Alaska, given in August 2009

— $88 million to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, given in May 2009

— $74 million to the New Jersey Public Utilities Board Commission, given in April 2009

— $69 million to Vermont Transco, given in April 2010

— $64 million to Shiel Sexton Co. in Indiana, given in May 2009

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