Almost 500 recipients of federal money from the American Recovering and Reinvestment Act of 2009 — President Obama's $840 billion economic recovery program — failed to file required reports on what they've done with the tax dollars, according to the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board.

Recipients of the stimulus funds are required to submit quarterly reports on the status what they have been using the money for that they received from the government over the past few years.

By not submitting a report, the recipients are labeled "non-complier" by the board.

393 recipients did not submit a report in April 2013, the most recent reporting cycle. 47 recipients did not submit in two cycles and 16 recipients have not submitted in three or more cycles dating back to October 2009.

The states with the most offenders are California (48) and New York (31), followed by Georgia (20), Florida (17) and Alaska (17). Puerto Rico (15), North Marianas (2), Micronesia (1) and the U.S. Virgin Islands (1) also make the list.

Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, New Hampshire and Rhode Island have no offenders, according to the board.

Other first-time noted in the report include:

- $112 million to the Puerto Rico Department of Education given in 2009

- $89 million to the Neighborhood HSG Services of South Florida given in 2010

- $88 million to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection given in 2009

- $81 million to the Young Women's Christian Association of Greater Los Angeles, California given in 2009

- $71 million to the California Education Department give in 2009

- $58 million to Hughes Network Systems, LLC in Maryland given in 2010

- $36 million to G.E. Johnson Construction Company, Inc. in Colorado given in 2010

- $23 million to UOP LLC in Illinois given in 2009

- $22 million to Clearfuels Technology Inc. in Hawaii given in 2010

- $19 million to the Guam Energy Office in Guam given in 2009

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