Are we seeing the beginning of an Obama polling comeback? There is some emerging evidence that the president is poised for a turnaround should he score some solid hits in the third and last debate with Mitt Romney Monday night.

The key indicator is a new analysis by pollster Scott Rasmussen who found that President Obama has stopped the freefall experienced after his dismal performance in the first debate with Mitt Romney. Rasmussen said that the second debate, which polls suggest Obama won by a hair, stopped the political bleeding though wasn't a big enough turnaround to bounce off of.

"Obama's much-improved performance in Tuesday night's debate seems to have stopped his downward trend in the polls but has not yet helped him regain lost ground," said Rasmussen.

What's more, polling in some key battleground states, notably Ohio, show a slight twitch up for Obama. The Real Clear Politics average, which includes polling data released Saturday, shows a 2.1 percent advantage for Obama, with four of five polls taken in the last week showing a nudge up for Obama. The fifth showed a tie.

To keep advantage in the last debate, taking place in Florida Monday, the Romney camp expects the candidate to hit Obama hard on the Libya 9/11 attack then turn the foreign policy debate back to domestic politics, especially the economy where voters give Romney the edge.