President Obama will award a Medal of Honor to Staff Sergeant Ty Carter, the fifth living recipient of the Medal who served in Iraq or Afghanistan and the second to receive it for his service in combat at a forward operating base in Afghanistan that came under attack in 2009.

The Army has a lengthy summary of Carter’s actions at Camp Keating, in Afghanistan, on October 3, 2009. Here’s the part about his rescue of a wounded soldier, Stephan Mace:

When Mace was struck with a new volley of gunfire and pleaded for help, Carter decided he had no choice but to try to reach his fellow Soldier. Knowing that he would almost certainly be killed, and with no regard for his personal safety, Carter jumped from the truck and sprinted forward to Mace. With small arms fire riddling the Humvee and the ground around him, Carter staunched Mace’s bleeding and placed a tourniquet on his shattered leg. With enemy fire intensifying around him, Carter summoned the strength to lift Mace and carried him through the hail of bullets up to the rise and to the Humvee. Carter placed his fellow Soldier in the back seat of the damaged carriage and returned to the fight.

Carter is the second soldier involved in that battle, “one of the most intense battles of the entire war in Afghanistan,” as President Obama described it, to receive the Medal of Honor. Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha received the first. The ceremony will take place at the White House on August 26, according to the press office.

“The last time 1 battle resulted in 2 Medals of Honor was the Black Hawk Down event on Oct 3 1993 – both posthumous,” CNN’s Jake Tapper — whose book, The Outpost, chronicles the attack on Camp Keating — tweeted.