The Office of Management and Budget said Thursday that President Obama would release his annual budget on March 4.

“Now that Congress has finished its work on this year's appropriations, the administration is able to finalize next year's budget,” said OMB spokesman Steve Posner. “We are moving to complete the budget as quickly as possible to help Congress return to regular order in the annual budget process.”

Lawmakers recently reached a bipartisan deal on an omnibus spending bill, a modest accord welcomed by the White House.

Obama's budget is more symbolic than a guidepost for the fiscal framework Congress will approve.

Republicans have blasted Obama for regularly not releasing his budget on time. And the budget proposal will include many progressive fixes that are instantly dead on arrival in the GOP-controlled House.

Technically, the budget under federal law must be submitted by the first Monday in February. But the president has met that deadline just once.

Still, the March release date is more than a month earlier than Obama presented his fiscal plan last year. The White House blamed the historically late release on chronic fiscal feuds, saying they had to wait for Congress to provide a clearer picture on appropriations.