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OBAMA TRIES TO QUELL YOUTH REVOLT - President Obama is joining an event hosted by liberal network MSNBC for students at Washington’s American University as he and his political team try to cope with a deepening rebellion among the young Americans whose support made his presidency possible. Young Americans are the primary targets of the president’s struggling health law. They are subject to mandatory insurance, federal fines and more expensive coverage as Obama seeks to finance subsidized insurance policies for middle-aged Americans. A new poll from the Harvard University Institute of Politics shows Millennials’ approval for Obama’s job performance down 11 points since just before the 2012 election, crashing to 41 percent. Twelve percent of Obama voters said that they would not recast ballots for the president and 47 percent said they would vote to recall Obama from office if given the opportunity. Just 22 percent said they planned to sign up for the law, meaning they could possibly face ObamaCare penalties. Fifty-seven percent opposed the law.

[Christendom College is cutting the hours of student workers to because of ObamaCare. Washington Examiner has the story]

Drowning his sorrows - President Obama told a gathering of 160 young ObamaCare missionaries at the White House to be creative in the events they hold to encourage Americans to sign up for the entitlement. “If you’re a bartender, have a happy hour,” he counseled.

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