President Obama's comedic chops were on display at Saturday night's Gridiron Dinner at the Washington Renaissance hotel. And with new Cabinet members, comes new material.

On Secretary of State John Kerry: "He is doing everything he can to ensure continuity," Obama said. "Frankly, though, I think it's time for him to stop showing up at work in pantsuits. It's a disturbing image. It really is. I don't know where he buys them. He's a tall guy."

On Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew: "Jack is so low-key, he makes Tim Geithner look like Tom Cruise," the president poked. "Don't worry, everybody, Jack signed off on that joke, or a five-year-old drew a slinky -- I don't know which," Obama continued, referring to Lew's scrawlish signature.

Finally, newly-minted Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel got a brief mention. "I'm also doing what I can to smooth things over with Republicans in Congress," Obama said. "In fact, these days John McCain and I are spending so much time together that he told me we were becoming friends. I said, 'John, stop, Chuck Hagel warned me how this ends up,' " Obama said.