President Obama explained to CNN’s Chris Cuomo that his new dog Sunny has already had a couple of accidents in the White House.

“Right now Michelle is in full parenting mode and really focused on getting Sunny to sit and catch,” Obama said. “And, also there have been a couple accidents.”

Obama explained, however, that he would make sure that the White House was cleaned properly.

“We live in rental housing. We didn’t have to put down a deposit, but we are making sure that it gets cleaned up for the next occupant,” he said with a grin.

Obama said part of the reason he bought another dog was because his old dog, Bo, was getting lonely.

“Yep, Bo was getting lonely because the two other puppies are grown up,” Obama said, referring to his two daughters Sasha and Malia. Obama noted that the two girls were “not always around” to play with him.

“Bo was getting a little down in the dumps inside the house,” he said.