For the White House, it's infrastructure week.

Even as House Republicans debate a lawsuit against President Obama for overstepping his executive authority and critics focus on the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, Obama will instead put the spotlight on America's roads, bridges and railways.

With the Highway Trust Fund expected to run dry as early as August, Obama will pressure Republicans to immediately pass a spending bill or incur the blame for putting 700,000 jobs at risk. The House is expected to take up legislation this week.

Obama, who has expedited permitting for infrastructure projects, will announce additional executive actions this week, the White House said.

The president has long called for stimulus spending on roads and bridges, but with Republicans firmly opposed to those plans, the White House would settle for replenishing the trust fund.

Obama on Tuesday will discuss the need for investment in infrastructure at an event in Northern Virginia.

On Wednesday, the president will meet with his State, Local, and Tribal Leaders Climate Task Force on Preparedness and Resilience to promote ways communities can design their infrastructure to prepare for climate change.

And on Thursday Obama will travel to Delaware to announce the yet-to-be-revealed executive action on infrastructure.

The latest round of executive actions comes as House Republicans prepare a lawsuit against the president for delaying Obamacare's employer mandate until 2015. The White House has dismissed the lawsuit as nothing more than a partisan distraction.

The president's transportation initiatives, however, could struggle to gain traction with so much of Washington consumed by the surge of unaccompanied minors crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. The White House and Congress will continue to spar over Obama's $3.7 billion funding request to address the issue.

Obama on Monday will also participate in an ambassador credentialing ceremony and host an Iftar dinner for Ramadan at the White House. The president will attend a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in New York City on Thursday.