President Obama is granting one-on-one interviews to eight television meteorologists as part of an effort to publicize a new report on climate change that is being released Tuesday.

The draft submitted for public comments by the National Climate Assessment Development Advisory Committee stated that "Global climate is changing" and that the "climate change of the past 50 years is primarily due to human activities, predominately the burning of fossil fuels."

The committee's report included details of the impact climate change is expected to have on infrastructure, agriculture, water supplies and human health, among other issues.

Using meteorologists to push a message on global warming and climate change is an effort first attempted by the Clinton administration, according to Mashable, which first reported the story. (As Mashable notes, that effort backfired.)

Among the participating meteorologists is Al Roker, a co-anchor on NBC's "Today Show."

Congressional Democrats and environmental groups are increasingly talking about "climate adaptation" instead of "climate change" in an effort to woo Republicans, the Washington Examiner reported in April.

The White House does not appear to be joining that effort.