Illegal immigrants continue to pour across the southwestern U.S. border, overwhelming both the border security apparatus and the immigration system.

The flood of tens of thousands of people, mostly children, from Central America has reached crisis proportions, with temporary camps opened in military bases to house them as authorities decide how to deal with their cases.

Given the high level of emotion surrounding the issue -- and accusations by Republicans that his actions spurred the flood -- you'd think President Obama would want to get a personal view of what's going on when he travels this week to Texas, epicenter of the problem.

You'd be wrong.

The White House on Monday brushed aside criticisms from Texas Gov. Rick Perry that administration officials "either are inept or don't care" about the crisis, and used it as yet another occasion to push for what Obama really cares about: a law that would legalize most illegal immigrants in the United States and give them a path to citizenship (and, presumably, the desire to vote for Democrats).

“We're not worried about those optics ... and that's simply because the president is very aware of the situation that exists on the Southwest border,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said.

Besides, the president has a busy schedule in Texas, with fundraisers for congressional Democratic re-election efforts in both Dallas and Austin. If the past is any guide, he'll fire up the rich liberal donors and pander for Hispanic votes with criticism of how "mean" Republicans are toward people who want to become Americans (in spite of numerous studies showing that most illegal immigrants come here for economic reasons rather than to change nationalities).

So Obama plans to pass on the chance to see for himself the depths of a problem many Americans — including the governor of the state he's visiting — believe his administration caused, but he's glad to fundraise off of it for Democratic candidates.

These are the priorities you chose when you voted for him, America. Hope you're enjoying it.