President Obama on Monday sought to rally the nation's governors to support his “opportunity agenda,” saying he intended to work with them on economic issues despite opposition on Capitol Hill.

“Even when there is little appetite in Congress to move on some of these priorities, at the state level, you guys are governed by practical considerations,” said Obama at a White House event with state leaders in town for the National Governors Association winter meeting.

“You want to do right by your people, and you see how good policy impacts your citizens, and you see how bad policy impacts your citizens,” he continued. “And that means that there's less room for posturing and politics and more room for getting stuff done.”

Obama has vowed that 2014 will be a “year of action” on his policies to bolster the middle class and fight income inequality and has taken a number of executive actions to move ahead where lawmakers in Washington have failed to act.

But Obama said the White House was ready to work with governors, who were already making progress on his economic priorities.

“We want to work with you. And I'm committed to making sure that every single member of my Cabinet — every single person in the White House, every single member of my team will be responsive to you,” the president pledged.

The president also thanked those governors who expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, in the face of conservative opposition to Obamacare.

“While Congress talks about repealing the Affordable Care Act or doing this or doing that to it, places like California and Kentucky are going gangbusters enrolling more Americans in quality affordable health care plans,” said the president.

But Obama joked that he wouldn't name the GOP governors to keep them out of trouble.

“You've got Republican governors here — I won't name them in front of the press because I don't want to get you all in trouble,” he said.