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Buzz Cut:
• ObamaCare benefits breakdown
• Debt soars anyway
• Schweitzer mulls 2016, slams Hillary: ‘Era of royalty’
• Palin setting sights on McConnell?
• Crowdsourcing his bail

OBAMACARE BENEFITS BREAKDOWN - The applicants who manage to make it past the problems with ObamaCare’s online home to sign up for subsidized insurance are finding even bigger problems in actually getting covered. From the WSJ: “Insurers say the federal health-care marketplace is generating flawed data... Emerging errors include duplicate enrollments, spouses reported as children, missing data fields and suspect eligibility determinations, say executives at more than a dozen health plans.” Read more, via Fox News.

[BuzzFeed reports Teal Media has removed all references to its design of healthcare.gov from its website]

Error message - Whatever the problems with the site and the benefits, not many people are making it through the door. Internal memos obtained by the Associated Press reveal the administration had “estimated that 494,620 people would sign up for health insurance under the program by Oct. 31. And that was portrayed as a slow start.” The reality though looks to be much worse. In some states, the numbers have been downright miniscule. In South Dakota, only 23 individuals signed up in the past two weeks.

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